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We unlock opportunities for growth and social impact by cultivating businesses committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

2030 and Beyond:

Build a Legacy of Impact with Arowana Impact Capital

Partner with us to build an investment portfolio that generates returns for generations to come

Our Key Focus Areas

Plastic Waste


Clean Energy

We invest to deliver sustainable impact​

With our mission of growing people, growing companies and growing value, we are committed to investing in communities across the high-impact yet often underserved region of Southeast Asia

Our Portfolio Companies

Discover how our purpose-driven approach creates both meaningful impact and sustainable returns

Our People​

We are a diverse team driving change through sustainable investments

We provide a distinctive blend of investment, technological, and operational skills and is passionate about solving problems that help people and the planet



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In line with our mission to promote responsible investing, sustainability, and to help achieve UN SDGs, AIC supports the following organisations:

“In order to truly contribute to the achievement of these goals by 2030, 
impact investors must raise and direct new capital to address
pressing social and environmental problems.”

Global Impact Investing Network