We believe in impact investing as a catalyst for sustainable and inclusive growth.

Arowana Impact Capital is a pioneering force in impact investing in Southeast Asia.

We are committed to sustainability through innovative financial solutions – directing much-needed capital to enterprises that are on a mission to create lasting and positive change in the world.

This re-engineering of modern capitalism through impact investing is at the core of our strategy.

We focus on investments that generate returns for generations to come.

Backed by our B Corporation-certified parent company, Arowana, we aim to foster a future where sustainability isn’t merely an aspiration but the tangible result of our investment decisions.

We work towards the triple bottom line of PeoplePlanet and Profit by balancing financial gains with our mission of advancing genuine social and environmental good.

We leverage our knowledge and expertise in finance to grow businesses whose values align with our mission.

We are your trusted partner in driving sustainable impact.

By partnering with Arowana Impact Capital, you become part of a network of entrepreneurs and investors who are building on this momentum of change and ushering in an era of responsible, impact-driven investment strategies.

We collaborate with small and midsize enterprises that advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their day-to-day mission.

As we invest resources into creating sustainable impact, we continue to deliver on our promise of growing people, companies and value.

We identify business potential in areas where few impact investors explore.

Our Team

Our team at Arowana Impact Capital brings a wealth of expertise, a deep understanding of sustainable 
investing principles, and the ability to navigate the complex landscape of impact-driven opportunities.

Our Affiliations