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We are Arowana Impact Capital. We invest to deliver sustainable impact.


Return On Impact

Our core thesis is to deliver equal measures of impact and return. With deep roots across the ASEAN region, we have unique access to the best entrepreneurs and opportunities in the market. We operate with complete transparency, to give our investors complete confidence in their return on impact.

Our Core Impact Areas

We invest in, operate and scale up small and medium sized enterprises that serve a real purpose – working directly with companies that have a positive impact on all stakeholders. Our deep experience, and subsequent focus lies in the following areas;

Livelihood Protection and Creation

Advancing productive employment and decent work, and protecting livelihood sources of the vulnerable

Access to Education and Healthcare

Democratising access to effective healthcare, and quality education in order to enhance quality of life

Sustainable Urbanisation

Promoting urbanisation that is clean, inclusive and sustainable

Financial Inclusion

Expanding access to financial products

and services that will reduce inequalities

and drive economic growth

How Do We Assess Impact?

We align our investments with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs align directly to the 17 goals set by the UN. By incorporating these goals into our fundraising and throughout the investment cycle, we are able to provide transparency and alignment with our investors. Alongside impact investors globally, we are working to a meaningful contribution towards the achievement of these goals by 2030.

Why Invest In An Impact Fund?

Impact investing offers you the opportunity to generate meaningful long-term impact on society and the environment, with risk-adjusted returns. The UN estimates the gap in financing to achieve the SDGs at US$2.5 trillion per year in developing countries alone (UNCTAD, 2014). Private capital plays an important role in addressing the financing gap to help attain the SDGs

Why Arowana Impact Capital?

Our team is an uncommon mix of operational, financial and technological professionals with real life entrepreneurial experience that know how to create value from multiple dimensions for our businesses.

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“In order to truly contribute to the achievement of these goals by 2030, impact investors must raise and direct new capital to address these pressing social and environmental problems”

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