Arowana Impact Capital

We are Arowana Impact Capital. We invest to deliver sustainable impact.


Return On Impact

Responsible investing takes the future of communities and the environment to heart. As a certified B Corp, we’re committed to growing enterprises that advance a social and environmental good.

Data, Insights and Impact

Sustainability is integral to doing good business, but to prove the impact of our investments, we ensure outcomes are measurable. For us, data is our language – and digital transformation is our narrative.

Beyond Profit: Where We Invest and Why

At Arowana Impact Capital, we choose to partner with SMEs whose principles and practices align with the vision of sustainability. In an era where business decisions can have a direct impact on people and our planet, we collaborate with entrepreneurs who value long-term development in these areas:

Analysis & Insights

Redefining the Future of Investing

Advancing productive employment and decent work, and protecting livelihood sources of the vulnerable

Why Invest in an Impact Fund? The Business of Sustainability

We invest capital in SMEs that show untapped potential but have received little to no funding prior.

Innovative Solutions, Inclusive Growth: How We Work

A good impact investment strategy puts money to work by identifying innovative and disruptive solutions.

“In order to truly contribute to the achievement of these goals by 2030, 
impact investors must raise and direct new capital to address
pressing social and environmental problems.”

Global Impact Investing Network

Arowana Impact Capital