Arowana Impact Capital

Key Focus Areas

Now more than ever, we recognise how the consequences of all business decisions affect not only profit margins but also people and the planet. We acknowledge the importance of our actions, and we have chosen to collaborate with businesses who value long-term development.

Sustainable Urbanisation

Promoting long-term viability in cities while reducing consumption, waste, and harmful impacts, as well as improving the overall well-being of society

  • Circular Economy – finding ways to reduce waste and create value
  • Mobility – looking for sustainable transportation in a hypermobile world
  • AgriFood – ensuring access to food and sustainable farming

Livelihood Creation

Advancing productive employment and decent work, and protecting the livelihood sources of the vulnerable

  • Alternative Livelihood – utilising technology and other means to create new sources of income
  • SME Digitalisation – enabling entrepreneurs to utilise technology to improve work efficiency and productivity

Education and Healthcare

Democratising access to quality education and effective healthcare to enhance the quality of life

  • Learning Management Systems – assisting education providers with the tools of technology to provide more options for learning and pedagogical instruction
  • Upskilling Platforms – encouraging professional development and self-improvement to boost careers
  • Healthcare Platforms – broadening access to healthcare

Financial Inclusion

Adopting innovative technological solutions to reduce inequality

  • Blockchain Impact Integrators – utilising blockchain technology to augment and improve financial services
Arowana Impact Capital