Arowana Impact Capital

About Us

We are a B-Corp Certified impact investment manager headquartered in Southeast Asia

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help build people, build companies and build value through sustainable investment practices across the Asia Pacific region

Our Values

Our life’s journey is full of mysteries, the world of business is no different and our values help guide us through this journey.

We acknowledge our mistakes
We debrief religiously
We do not know everything
We are never the smartest in a room
We know learning is our responsibility
We are lifelong learners
We do not have stars
We collaborate to grow
We do not blame
We never give advice
We call out breach of norms
We do not gossip
We do not shirk responsibility
We embrace accountability
We do not fear being contrarian
We never give up, we are resilient
We run to fires, not away from them
We are fuelled by adversity
Arowana Impact Capital