Why Invest in an Impact Fund? The Business of Sustainability

Impact investing redefines the future of business because it delves into and works towards data-driven solutions that seek to address the difficult questions of our time, confronting issues about protecting and developing our natural and human resources.
It’s a recognition of how we, as investors, have the power and the privilege to level the playing field in business by providing visionary entrepreneurs who are historically and economically disadvantaged, with access to capital.

At Arowana Impact Capital, we are focussed on delivering equal measures of impact and return. Our approach takes social and environmental good—not as a by-product—but as the rationale of our investment decisions. We invest capital in SMEs demonstrating potential but have received little to no funding support prior to our partnership.We set our investment targets against the backdrop of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By incorporating the SDGs into our fundraising and throughout the investment cycle, we are able to provide transparency and alignment with our investors. Alongside impact investors globally, we work to make a meaningful contribution towards the achievement of these goals by 2030.

By choosing to be smart about where we invest our resources today—whether in education, healthcare, livelihood protection, and financial inclusion—we are ultimately charting a new course and advancing a social and environmental good that goes beyond the exigencies of our time.