Ted Ranosa

Ted Rañosa

Digital Content Creator

Ted Ranosa is a Digital Content Creator for Arowana, who develops various articles and graphics for the company and its operating business websites and social channels. He has a decade’s worth of experience working in digital marketing and online journalism.

Ted began his career as a Content Writer for Balsam Brands, an American e-commerce company headquartered in Redwood City, California. He was part of a Manila-based team that handled the company’s digital marketing strategies in different regions including the US, the UK, and Australia. Two years later, Ted joined the online news website, Tech Times. He served as its Science & Technology Writer and Editor, crafting thought-provoking and newsworthy stories shared across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

While Ted is a digital marketer by profession, he trained as a teacher. He graduated from Bulacan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, majoring in English.

Ted is very passionate about people and the environment, something that he developed over the years as a journalist. He supports organisations that take their roles seriously as community leaders who help shape a better world.

Ted joined Arowana because of the company’s commitment to the B Corp philosophy of being a force for good. The Arowana culture promotes the growth of its employees alongside the growth of its businesses. The company also prioritises saving the planet whilst making a profit, which Ted supports 100%.