Spearheading Sustainable Plastic Waste Management

A staggering 500,000 kilograms of plastic waste collected in Q1 2023​

In the battle against plastic pollution, Green Antz Builders – an eco-friendly construction materials company backed by Arowana Impact Capital – has collected a staggering 500,000 kilograms of plastic waste in the first quarter of 2023 alone.

This represents an astounding 829% increase year-on-year in plastic waste collection, ultimately preventing plastic waste from polluting landfills and waterways.

The volume of plastic waste diverted from traditional disposal methods is truly remarkable. To put it into perspective, these collection efforts have prevented the equivalent in weight from contributing to the ever-growing plastic pollution crisis:

  • 83 million plastic utensils
  • 14 million plastic bottles
  • 50 million plastic cups
  • 100 million plastic bags

Each of these numbers represents countless potential sources of pollution transformed into opportunities for effecting environmental change.

Green Antz converts plastic waste into eco-friendly construction materials, including eco-bricks and pavers. The company is helping businesses and communities achieve their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) targets by establishing effective recycling and waste management systems and empowering others to make a tangible difference in the fight against plastic pollution.

Backing Green Antz Builders in their commitment to environmental sustainability is Arowana Impact Capital, the lead investor in the company.

At AIC, our focus on sustainability extends beyond solving the current plastic waste crisis to provide long-term practical solutions for the construction industry to minimise its environmental footprint.

As we confront the urgent challenges posed by plastic waste, we work together with our partners in living out the principles of environmental stewardship and resourcefulness and paving the way for a future where plastic waste is minimised, communities thrive, and our planet thrives alongside them.