Beyond 2030
Our Story of Impact

Investments should do more than just yield financial returns; they should generate prosperity for generations to come.

The 2030 deadline for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is approaching, and the world is seeing a confluence of businesses, governments and socio-civic groups working to improve the lives of communities across the planet.

From fighting hunger and ensuring access to education, health care and livelihood opportunities; to protecting precious natural resources, promoting responsible production & consumption, and advancing industry and innovation — the 17 SDGs, also known as Global Goals, aim to shift the balance towards a more just world.

At Arowana Impact Capital, we see beyond 2030. 

Since the start of our journey as the impact investing arm of the B Corp-accredited global investment firm Arowana, we have always believed that the impact outcomes and financial results of our investments are never mutually exclusive. 

It’s our pledge to create a world where prosperity, equity and sustainability coexist. Our work is to direct much-needed capital to enterprises on a mission to create a legacy of social, environmental and economic good — by 2030 and beyond.

When you invest with AIC, you’re not just investing in solutions for the present; you’re shaping a future where financial growth and positive impact coexist.

Our investments transcend generations, ensuring that the positive changes we initiate collectively today continue to yield benefits for our children and grandchildren.

Join us in investing with a purpose and building that legacy.