Ocean Ramsey

Ocean Ramsey

​Board Advisor

Ocean Ramsey is a diving instructor, entrepreneur, shark conservationist, athlete, marine biologist, tourism operator, and model. She first attracted worldwide attention in a January 2019 viral video where she swam alongside “Deep Blue,” believed to be the largest great white shark ever seen.

Based in Hawaii, Ocean loves the water and has a deep commitment to shark and marine conservation. She is also passionate about conservation work, and uses her voice to advocate for sharks, other marine life, the ocean, and nature.

Along with Juan Sharks, Ocean has founded the following companies: One Ocean Research and Diving, Water Inspired Conservation Group, and Save the Sea Turtles International Non-Profit. Ocean has published the following books: What You Should Know About Sharks, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Ocean Girl, and Shark & Marine Conservation. She also made a film entitled Saving Jaws.

Ocean has an associate degree in behavioural sciences, an undergraduate degree in marine biology, and a master’s in ethology (the study of animal behaviour). Her research interests include shark behaviour and how it is affected by environmental specifics, including weather and the presence of other animal species.