Ocean Ramsey and Juan Sharks Join Our Advisory Board

We are delighted to welcome Ocean Ramsey and Juan Sharks to our advisory board.

Based in Hawaii, Ocean Ramsey and Juan Sharks are ocean lovers with a deep commitment to shark and marine conservation. They are particularly passionate about changing the global perception of sharks as mindless human predators. Ocean and Juan founded the company One Ocean Diving, which conducts research, conservation, education and diving programs with the key focus of studying shark behaviour and the effects of human contact. They also founded the non-profit organization Water Inspired for shark conservation.

Ocean has a background in marine biology and ethology while Juan is a professional shark and conservation photographer and videographer. Together, they use their skills to create and exhibit images of sharks and humans interacting peacefully and intimately.  Ocean attracted worldwide attention in January 2019 when she featured in a viral video of herself swimming beside Deep Blue, believed to be the largest great white shark ever known. By promoting such videos, they hope to inspire others to care about and to actively protect sharks and other marine life.