Kevin Chin


  • Kevin founded and runs a B Corp accredited investment conglomerate called Arowana, which comprises operating businesses across the globe in education, renewable energy and sustainable impact asset management. 
  • His entrepreneurial journey began with the takeover, privatisation, turnaround, exponential global scale-up and exit of an artificial intelligence software business called RuleBurst (the story of which is now chronicled in the Amazon best selling book, HyperTurnaround!). 
  • RuleBurst was an Australian listed company that at the time of its takeover and privatisation by Kevin’s consortium in 2004, had six weeks of cash to survive. Kevin led the salvage and rescue of the company in a hands on capacity and helped drive the exponential growth that ultimately led to its acquisition by Oracle Corporation in 2008, six weeks after the Lehman Brothers collapse. 
  • Since then, Kevin has built Arowana, starting life initially as an Australasian focussed fund, but transforming over the ensuing years to become a multi-national conglomerate with operations in vocational and professional education and training, solar power, infrastructure services, asset management and technology. 
  • Arowana’s mantra is to grow people, grow companies and grow value, reflecting Kevin’s focus on fixing and/or scaling up SME companies at pace. He has led a number of turnarounds and exponential scaleups and exits over the last decade. 
  • Kevin’s primary interests include the practical application of AI, ML (Machine Learning) and Robotics to transform established companies and business models, as well as how to modernise the delivery of vocational and professional education and training to enable continuous upskilling and reskilling of the human workforce. 
  • A global citizen, Kevin divides his time between UK, Asia and Australia. He is an active member of YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) and a member at large of EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation).