Broderic Dytoc

Broderic Dytoc

Global Venture Development Manager

Broderic (Brod) Dytoc is the Global Venture Development Manager of Arowana’s Entrepreneurship in Residence (EIR) programme, where he primarily works on Arowana Impact Capital opportunities.

Brod has experience in big data analytics, management consulting, e-commerce, and category management, and will be working to support the hyperturnaround, hyperscale and hyper-transformation projects within our operating companies and investments.

Upon graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering (cum laude) from the University of the Philippines, Brod began his career with the Mitchell Madison Group. He then took a sabbatical to pursue his passion for dance and develop his own brand. He competed internationally in Hip Hop/ Street Dance and won dance awards while representing his country. Brod then took a role in Shopee where he was promoted from Analyst to Manager within six months of working with them.

In the midst of the COVID outbreak, Brod completed his MBA at INSEAD, and graduated in December 2021.

Brod looks forward to developing ventures for AIC that will deliver generational impact and change lives for the better.