Arowana named one of Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators for 2022

Arowana, the parent company of Arowana Impact Capital, has been named one of the finalists of Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators (BWFI) for 2022.

The Best Workplaces for Innovators list recognises organisations that empower their workers to improve processes, develop new products, or create new ways of doing business. Fast Company’s panel of judges selects finalists from more than 1,000 applications consisting of small non-profit organisations to large multinational conglomerates.

Now on its fourth year, the BWFI has chosen Arowana to be part of the prestigious list.

Growing people, companies, and value

Arowana has always been committed to growing not only its companies and value but its people as well. The company upholds the ideals of founder and CEO, Kevin Chin, that for a business to grow, its people must grow as well. This allows Arowana to foster a deep and meaningful collaboration between every member of the organisation.

The workplace culture at Arowana focusses on three main values: humility, solidarity, and tenacity. The company’s members acknowledge that they might not know everything, but it does not stop them from learning and moving forward. As part of a cohesive team, each one is united and motivated by a common goal. Growing companies might not be easy, but for Arowana’s people, persistence is the ultimate determinant of success.

For the 2022 BWFI list, Arowana joins other leading organisations in the world such as Adobe, AMD, American Express, Citi, GitLab, Google, Mastercard, Microsoft, PayPal, and SAP.

Visit Fast Company’s website to view the complete list of Best Workplaces for Innovators for 2022.