Ariel Gillespie

ESG and Impact Analyst

Ariel is working as an ESG and Impact Analyst, whilst completing her Honours project in Water Sensitive Urban Design. She is interested in designing a world where humans inhabit the environment sustainably and using tools and technologies across all disciplines to enable this. She has undertaken research into carbon credits, plastic credits and other market-based techniques to drive environmental impact.

She was born in Sydney, Australia and raised in semi-rural Brisbane, sparking an interest in nature and native wildlife conservation. This led to studying Environmental Science at the University of Queensland.

Ariel is passionate about innovation and change for the planet, and finds the best part of working for Arowana the opportunity it presents for such innovation. To stand out and take risks for what we believe in: which first comes from learning how to do so effectively and then applying. To her that’s the secret to success: being humble and staying curious.