Anne Copeland

Anne Copeland

Board Advisor

For over 30 years, Anne Copeland has committed her career to furthering sustainability. She assists businesses, the financial sector, and communities in integrating sustainability into their operations, and identifying and managing environmental and social risks in financial transactions. Anne’s sector experience ranges from supply chain management, infrastructure, transportation, manufacturing, and agribusiness, to hospitality, health care, and education.

Based in Hong Kong, she has served clients across the Asia-Pacific and North America throughout her career. Anne founded Copeland & Partners Ltd in 2008 and is currently its CEO and Sustainability Advisor. She is also the Sustainability Advisor at Sedgwick Richardson, where she provides strategy and report development services for Asian companies. Formerly a partner of ORCA Asia, she helped bring a cost-saving and environmentally beneficial food waste solution from Canada to Asia.

Previous roles that Anne has held include environmental and social specialist for the International Finance Cooperation; principal consultant for BMT Asia Pacific; environmental lecturer at the University of Hong Kong; environmental consultant for the Hong Kong Productivity Council, and ERM Hong Kong.


Anne earned a Master of Arts degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Political Science from McGill University in Montréal, Canada.