Towards a sustainable investment revolution

Impact investing and ESG can together be seen as part of a sustainable investment revolution, which is essential if critical climate and environmental goals are to be achieved and threats to social instability avoided. The revolution will present huge challenges to global finances but also big opportunities for financial institutions to benefit from the changes involved.” Sustainable Investment – Impact in Asia, United Nations Development Programme

“Sustainable Investment- Impact in Asia” is a free downloadable book released in March this year by the United Nations (UN). It traces the progress of sustainable investment from inception to present day implementation. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are identified as increasingly important factors that influence the investment decisions of governments and businesses. ESG and impact investing are predicted to be the two primary forms of sustainability investing from now on.  The book’s focus is on Asia—­“a promised land”—and the opportunities and challenges that this diverse continent brings to those seeking to invest there for sustainability and impact.

The book can be accessed here: