Arowana Impact Capital

Innovative Solutions, Inclusive Growth: How We Work

The call to sustainable and inclusive growth requires new ways of solving the old problems of scarcity and equity. By channelling capital to high-impact small and midsize enterprises emerging from – and addressing the needs of – low-income communities, investors are able to fund growth in sectors that may be falling behind in terms of access to basic social services and financial opportunities.

A good impact investment strategy puts money to work by identifying innovative and disruptive solutions from entrepreneurs, many of whom have lived through everyday realities of inequality and are now tapping into the business community for funding and mentorship support.

At Arowana Impact Capital, we enable our partners to draw from contemporary business practices that promote efficiency, productivity, profitability and sustainability as they turn their ideas into new ventures.

We believe sustainable, equitable and inclusive development not only benefits a single segment of society but also produces a multiplier effect across other segments. By extending funding support to a business, we extend support to the communities that benefit from it.

Arowana Impact Capital