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Life Below Water-Part III

Life Below Water (Part III): Why Ocean Science is Critical to a Sustainable Future In the last edition of a three-part series, Arowana Impact Capital joins the United Nations in mapping out a sustainable future by saving the world’s oceans. 2021 kicks off a decade of ocean science for sustainable development. The opportunity to reverse …

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Life Below Water-Part II

Life Below Water (Part II): How Small Fishing Villages are Helping to Save the World’s Oceans In the second edition of a three-part series, Arowana Impact Capital dives deep into the effects of overfishing on the life and livelihood of coastal communities.  Teach one how to fish and you’ll feed them for a lifetime – …

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Life Below Water-Part I

Plastic Waste is Polluting our Waters- and Hurting our Economies   In the first of a three-part series,  Arowana Impact Capital presents an overview of the effects of plastic pollution on the world’s marine and coastal resources.  There’s an entire universe waiting to be discovered below water. In fact, scientists know more about the moon …

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SDG 14: Life Below Water

  Conserving and sustainably using our oceans is part of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water. This infographic shows the different roles the oceans play in sustaining the world we live in, threats to the oceans’ productivity and health, and solutions that may counteract these threats.

Mangroves in Asia Pacific are at risk from River Pollution

To effectively fight the growing problem of marine plastic pollution, we need to know how plastic waste is distributed and which ecosystems are most affected. Now that we know mangroves have a higher likelihood of being severely affected by plastic waste, leaders can take steps to protect these critical habitats. – Peter Harris, Grid-Arendal Mangroves in …

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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

As a B Corporation, Arowana Impact Capital is pledged to invest towards the Sustainable Development Goals in the South East Asia region. This infographic explains what the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are and the principles behind them

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