A Week of Emergency Relief

Over the past week, our partnership with Grameen Pilipinas has witnessed the successful distribution of critical food supplies to the needy in Laguna, Philippines.

Strict Covid-19 quarantine measures have adversely affected communities in Laguna. Prior to Covid-19, the recipients of our aid were working independently. Their occupations included running their own stores (fruit and vegetable, “sari-sari” variety stores, computer shops), conducting home-based rag manufacturing, working in transport or wellness industries. Now, their businesses have ceased operation. As their incomes were made on a daily basis, no work has resulted in no pay.

To survive, our beneficiaries rely on assistance from Local Government Units and NGOs. They are very thankful for the food relief we have managed to distribute to them.  Their food supplies consisted of bags of rice, chickens, pineapples and bananas.

Our first round of food supplies was distributed on 15 May to stricken communities in the Laguna areas of Pagsanjan and Sta. Cruz.

Impact investing in Philippines
Recipient of supplies in Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Our second round was distributed on 20 May to Victoria and Pila, also in Laguna.

Impact Investing Philippines Arowana
Recipients of food supplies in Victoria, Laguna

All in all, 306 households totalling 1407 individuals, have received assistance to date.  Our contributions have been particularly timely, not only because of Covid impacts, but also because of Typhoon Ambo, which battered Laguna last week. Our total target beneficiaries is 500 households. More food supplies are to be distributed over the next few days.


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